Friday, September 27, 2019

The Lord is at Work!

Dear Friends and Family,

As I write this update I am reminded of what Jesus said in Matthew 16:18, “...I will build my church; and the gates of Hades will not over power it.” It is almost daily that we the Lord building His church here at Sequim Bible Church. 

When I came on staff last December as associate Pastor the church is in turmoil.  Satan was hard at work in SBC and had won many victories.  The church had lost many members due to a lack biblical leadership and other internal problems that were not properly handled.  In addition to losing many people, there was a strong charismatic faction; a faction of some people who were very critical of the pastor and they met together in one home “bible study” that was led by the elder chairman; and a group of disgruntled people who were only here to be served.  We had an elder board chairman who was a  non-cessationist.  We had a charismatic youth pastor and another charismatic elder.  Because of this we were not able to get much of anything accomplished in our elder meetings.  We could not agree on how the church should operate, or on what we should teach, and what we should even do during a worship service.  One example..a few months ago I took it upon myself to read Scripture during the service and one of them said that scripture reading in the service was too traditional and should not be done that way, if at all.

Pastor Shane and I knew that we were in fact in a spiritual battle and we knew that this was not a battle that we can fight by ourselves.  We began to pray for the Lord to fight this fight as we knew that this battle was far beyond our capabilities.  We asked the Lord to either change the hearts of the above mentioned people or to move them out.  Within one week the Chairman of the elder board (the non-cessationist) got upset and resigned his position and their membership and left the church.  Along with them also left several people in their very critical group.  Then last month the youth pastor resigned and several more people left who were of the disgruntled group.  Then just three weeks ago the charismatic elder resigned and left the church. (Now, don't get me wrong...these were all good men, but it was not a right fit for them to be at SBC.) Suddenly, we realized that the factious and divisive group was gone. Shane said that this is the first time in 12 years that we have a united elder board.  The last elder meeting was the first time that we were totally united in all things. 

We are very encouraged to see how the Lord has been moving people out as well as bringing people in.  By my estimation we have lost about 30 people and yet the giving has not decreased.  We are also seeing many new people who have moved into the area.  We have several new couples now interested in church membership.  One couple left another church in the area because they wanted sound bible teaching.  This too is exciting because it appears that the church’s reputation is beginning to change.  The past reputation has not been good, and we are doing all we can to change that.

Three weeks ago Pastor Shane and I started a new youth group.  The previous youth group was an entertainment based evangelical outreach primarily to the local high school.  Now we have a discipleship based youth group that is designed to teach the Word to the youth of our church.  The first night we had nine kids, then 12 and last week we had 15 kids.  Some of these kids are from our church who had no desire to attend the previous youth group or its activities.
We are now working on many things that were impossible in years past.  Such as Doctrinal improvements and constitutional changes.  Needless to say, we are all quite busy.    Shane and I are are running the youth group.  Dayle is the assistant director of women’s ministry, I am heading up the new men’s ministry as well as overseeing many other ministries. But it isn’t all work and no play.

The first week of September Dayle and I hooked up our trailer and went to Klamath Falls, Oregon.  There we set up camp at the home of Bob and Tanya Morgan.  It was such a blessing to be able to spend time with them again and we were able to see many other dear friends from our church in Klamath Falls.  Then we met all the kids at the Lake of the Woods Resort.  We celebrated our 48th anniversary with all of our children and grand children.  Bob and Tanya gave us two child size kayaks for Jack and Pearl and they loved them.  Thanky you Bob and Tanya!!!

Dayle and I have the added blessing of going to the church together almost every day.  We are at the church normally three to five days a week.  This week however, we will be here six days.  Dayle is busy organizing the Women’s Fall Conference which will be Friday and Saturday.  I will be on hand to help out with electronics and anything else they may need.

Support wise we are doing ok.  Our expenses have increased due to a few vehicle and trailer repairs as well as some unexpected dental expenses to fix a broken tooth with a crown.  But we are always amazed at how the Lord always seems to meet our needs.  Health wise we couldn’t be better.  We both remain physically active with hiking and biking. (Yes, I still try to hit the trails a couple of times a week.) Dayle regularly works out with calisthenics exercise and light weights in the trailer.  She also seems to have her osteoporosis in check.

We covet your prayers for our church as we continue to rebuild Sequim Bible Church upon a firm foundation.  Pray for Pastor Shane as he still struggles with all the demands on his time.  Pray that our church will continue to be unified and to bond together as a church family should.

Also continue to pray for our 16 year old grandson, Aiden.  Aiden has Alport Syndrome and will be requiring a kidney transplant probably by the end of the year.  Aiden’s dad (Jason) and his aunt (Neeley) are both under going testing to determine if they are a match to be a kidney donor.  We pray that one of them is a match otherwise, a donor will have to be sought from the National Kidney Registry.

Also please pray for the Galli family.  This is Annie's in-laws.  Annie's mother-in-law, Rosa, has been given just 3 months as her body is riddled with cancer.  Rosa is a strong believer but her husband who is also a believer is taking this very hard.  Rosa has always been like the glue that seems to always hold everything together.

One more item of business:  I am slowly doing away with my Netzero email address.  Please use my longtime Gmail address for future correspondence:

If you would like to assist us financially please send your donations to:

         Northwest Independent Church Extension
            P.O. Box 2225
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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

July 2019

Dear Friends and Family,

One of the things that we want to do is send out a newsletter every month.  But it’s been 2 ½ months since our last one.  That’s because we are either very busy or lazy....I think we’ll go with busy.  And busy we have been!

At the end of May we drove down to Southern California to attend my niece Madison’s high school graduation.

After a few days of helping my sister around her house we went to our old church church on Sunday, Grace Community Church. We spent the entire morning at Grace and reconnected with many long time friends.  After the day at church we drove north to our kid’s home in Sacramento where we spent the next 10 days and cared for the grand children while Stephen and Neeley went away for a 4 day trip to celebrate their tenth anniversary.  We had a good time with the kids and we did lots of bicycle riding. Our six year old grandson, Jack, rode about 225 miles with me (Shelley) on the Trail-a-Bike.
Dayle and Jack on just a short ride.

We returned home on June 14th driving the entire 800 miles in one day.

The ministry at Sequim Bible Church is a continuing challenge.  But what ministry isn’t?  Myself and the other two pastors are now meeting twice a week.  We are now discussing theological topics as well as working together to be like-minded in ministry.  If the three of us can be unified in direction, purpose, and method then we should be able to lead the rest. This is very exciting and encouraging...please pray for us as we work together for the Lord's glory.

Two weeks ago Pastor Shane finished his office enough to move in and I moved in to his old office.  Here is a picture of my new study.  What a joy it is to have a permanent place to work.

Dayle has jumped in with both feet.  She is the assistant women’s ministry director.  She teaches a mid week women’s Bible study, counsels women, works the welcome center on Sundays, and is one of the church librarians.  She sets up for our Sunday Evening Family bible Study and is ready to help wherever needed.  She also comes to church with me almost every day and never lacks things to do.

Last time I requested prayer for the church’s financial situation.  Finances are still tight but this last quarter we met budget.  This was very encouraging to us as we hope that we have “turned a corner.”  Many of the past problems have gone away and the overall general attitude appears to be more positive.

As far as our monthly support goes, we are still greatly lacking but we are always amazed how the Lord provides.  As of right now we are at about 33% of what is needed.

If you would like to assist us financially please send your donations to:

         Northwest Independent Church Extension
            P.O. Box 2225
            Sumner, WA 98390                Phone: (253) 826-7881

Prayer Requests:
    Please continue to pray for Sequim Bible Church.  Especially for continued unity, love, and growth among the brethren. Pray for the church’s financial situation.
    Pray for continued unity among the three pastors. 
    Pray for Shane, the senior pastor, for wisdom and time to complete all the necessary tasks in front of him (Sermon prep, Seminary courses, counseling, and more.)
    Pray for Patrick, the youth pastor: 1) his wife is about to have their second child. 2) He is having a house built, and 3) pray for his continued rehabilitation.  (Ten years ago at youth camp he broke his neck and has been recovering ever since.  He gets around on crutches and continues to improve through physical therapy although it is a very long process.)

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Campylobacter and a trip to the Hospital

Dear Family and Friends,

So much has happened since our last newsletter.  Just before we were to depart for California and the Shepherd’s Conference I got really sick.  I just thought it was a simple case of the stomach flu.  But after three days of severe diarrhea, high fever, and passing out three times we thought it might be serious so off to the Emergency Room we went.  I felt so sick I though that I was going to die.  OK, maybe I am exaggerating a bit here, but I am one of those people who never gets sick.  I was severely dehydrated, my kidneys had shut down, and my skin color was very pale.  They immediately began pumping 2 ½ liters of IV fluid into me.  It turns out that I had contracted a bacteria called campylobacter.  Campylobacteriosis is an infectious disease caused by the bacteria.  Most people can fight off the bacteria without any medical intervention, but not this kid.  For the next two to three weeks my energy slowly returned.  Now five weeks later, I feel normal again. We are so thankful to God that we have great insurance and good doctors.

Five days after my ER visit,  I felt well enough to drive and so we left for California 6 days later than planned (although this was God’s plan all along). We made it to Sacramento on Saturday and then on Monday I continued on south.  Dayle stayed  Stephen and Neeley in Sacramento and I continued to L.A. I stayed with our dear friends, Brian and Christine Rush for the Shepherd’s Conference as they live much closer than my sister.  As expected the conference was a wonderful time of refreshment and encouragement.

The ministry at Sequim Bible Church continues.  Since our last newsletter we have begun the FLOCKS home bible studies.  We did not get the interest as we expected but we do have two home bible studies that are going and Dayle will be starting a women’s study next month.

On April 7th, we started the Sunday Evening Family Fellowship.  This is going to be a weekly event with Music, food, fellowship and Bible study. We had 50 people in attendance on our first night and everyone seemed pretty excited about the whole thing.  I led the singing with the guitar and I am teaching a basic theology series on Who is God.  I am also team teaching an adult Sunday School class on James with my good friend Tim Smith. There are several other administrative jobs that I am working on which are all keeping me quite busy. I now have a temporary office in the church building where I spend much of my week.  One of the major tasks is the implementation of a program for first-time guests and follow-up.  I have designed a welcome package and the church secretary, Sandy, is busy doing her graphic arts magic.  The plan is to warmly greet first-time guests, have someone invite them to their home for lunch or ask them out, then either Pastor Shane or myself will deliver a plate of home made cookies  We hope to have everything finalized in a couple of weeks.
The church continues to have difficulties from the past that we still have to deal with.  But Pastor Shane, the elders, and I are continually working together to take care of these issues in a Biblical manner.  The church continues to have financial difficulties and we have had to make even more cuts. But we are all very blessed to see the Lord working in His church and in the hearts of His people.  The Lord said the “He will build His church” (Mt. 16:18) therefore we will remain faithful to His Word.

Personally, we are busier than we have been in many years but we love the work.  Dayle is at the church at least one full day every week and some times she is there even more.  It is such a joy to be serving the Lord together,  We don’t even mind the 25 mile drive to church every day.

Financially we have not yet even come close to what is required by our mission.  As of right now we are just under 10% of what is required.

Prayer Requests:
    Please continue to pray for Sequim Bible Church.  Especially for continued unity, love, and growth among the brethren. Pray for the church’s financial situation.
    Pray for Pastor Shane as he has much to do and not enough time in the day to do it.
    Pray for our financial support.

 If you would like to assist financially please send your donations to:
    Northwest Independent Church Extension
    P.O. Box 2225
    Sumner, WA 98390                Phone: (253) 826-7881

Shelley and Pastor Shane
Dayle serving at Sunday Evening Family Fellowship

Monday, February 18, 2019

Greetings from Snowy Port Angeles

Hello Family and Friends,

Greetings from a snowy Port Angeles, WA.  Over the last week we have received over three feet of snow.  And more snow is expected soon.  It is so deep that we couldn’t get our cars out.  I even had to dig out my four wheel drive truck .  Needless to say, everyone is tired and sore from shoveling snow.

It is quite obvious that many of you have been praying for us and the ministry at Sequim Bible Church as we have seen things happen very quickly that only the Lord could have accomplished. However, there is still much that needs to be done.  Sadly, we have seen a couple of people leave but also have received several new members.  I like what we are hearing from many of the members about the way the church is going.  So we are quite encouraged.

Pastor Shane and I have been working together on many things.  I am amazed just how much he and I think alike.  It is such a joy to be working with a like-minded pastor and one that really loves his flock.  Shane is quite busy with sermon preparation, church business, a cell phone that never stops ringing, online seminary courses, and family.  Please keep him in your prayers.
We have been planning home Bible Study small groups which we will be calling FLOCKS (Fellowship. Leadership development, Outreach, Caring, Knowledge, and Service).  The first one begins this evening. 

We have assisted with the organization and operation of the Women’s Ministry.  Dayle is the assistant director of the leadership team.  The Biblical Counseling course has begun and both Dayle and I along with several other church members and taking it. 

We have had some delays in remodeling the senior pastor’s office due to other pressing matters, but we work on it as we can.  I hope to get him in possibly as early as next week.  But, I have said that before.

In two weeks we will be driving south.  I will be going to the Shepherd’s Conference at Grace Community Church and Dayle will be staying with Steve and Neeley in Sacramento.  I will be staying at my sister’s house for a couple of nights and then with some good friends in Santa Clarita for the conference nights.  Pastor Shane and Tim Smith will also be attending the Shepherd’s Conference but they will be flying down.

Prayer Requests:
    Please continue to pray for the ministry at Sequim Bible Church. 
    Pray for Pastor Shane.  He has much to do and needs wisdom and more hours in the day.
        Pray for additional financial support.   We have much to go before we meet our monthly goal.

 If you would like to assist financially please send your donations to:
    Northwest Independent Church Extension
    P.O. Box 2225
    Sumner, WA 98390                Phone: (253) 826-7881

Always Serving,
Shelley for both of us!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

It's "Pastor" Shelley Once Again

We are very excited to announce that it’s "Pastor" Shelley once again. Well more accurately Associate Pastor Shelley. This last Sunday I was privileged to preach and then during the Sunday School hour the entire church met in the sanctuary to get to know and question me. After the Q and A session the elders were unanimous making it official approving me as associate pastor.
Sequim Bible Church
As far as the full extent of what my duties will be has yet to be determined. But for now I will be coordinating the small group/home Bible study program, men’s discipleship ministry as well as being involved with the counseling ministry training program. I will begin leading a home bible study beginning next week. I also hope to take some of the load off the senior pastor.

Dayle will be on the board of directors for the women’s ministry and she also is working on getting her Biblical Counseling Certification

The first task at hand is to get Pastor Shane into the senior pastor’s office. I have been busy remodeling, sanding, painting, and refinishing cabinetry. I hope to have everything finished and get him moved by the end of next week.

I will be remaining on missionary status with N.I.C.E. Assigned to Sequim Bible Church as I help Pastor Shane and the elders rebuild the church. The past year has been quite difficult for the church with a partial church split resulting in serious financial problems. The elders have said that it is like they are starting all over. There is much work to be done and we are very excited to be part of it.

The church is just 25 miles from where we live and we are very thankful that we will not have to move our trailer to another location.  We did ask the Lord for a ministry where we would not have to leave the kids.  We are truly amazed how He always takes care of us!

Please partner with us in prayer support. Specifically, please pray for unity and wisdom among the church leadership. As far as our financial support goes we still have much to go. I am confident that our great God will supply all of our needs. If you would like to assist financially please send your donations to:
    Northwest Independent Church Extension
    P.O. Box 2225
    Sumner, WA 98390                Phone: (253) 826-7881

Always Serving,
Shelley for both of us!                  

Friday, November 9, 2018

Returning to Active Duty

Dear friends and family,

As we are writing this, we are on our 6th week of our "Across the USA Adventure", towing our house behind us. At every step of the way, we are constantly reminded of the awesome power and love and mercy that God has and continues to shower upon His creation. We have seen many wonderful sights that we have never seen before. We took the northern route, I-90 across the USA. Then in Sioux Falls, SD, we went south to the I-80 until we arrived at Clarks Summit University (Baptist Bible College) where we attended Bible college. The president of CSU, Dr. Jim Lyle and his wife Diane, were neighbors in the trailer park where we all lived during college days and they gave us the "red carpet treatment". We actually parked on the campus for the week we were there. Just walking the beautiful campus brought back such fond memories. From CSU we went south along the coast, stopping at many historical places of the early days of our country, as well as Civil War locations. We went south all the way to Beaufort, South Carolina.

But the most exciting part of this trip has been reconnecting with friends and many "long lost" friends. The first three days of the trip was spent in Yakima, Washington for the NICE 60th Anniversary Regional Conference. There we saw many friends and met some new ones. In Montana we stayed with our good friends from LAPD and Grace Community church, Dave and Lisa Roward. In Indiana we spent time with Dean and Pat Shroud that we met while serving in Lake Havasu, AZ. And then came the long-lost friends! We reconnected with Cappy and Herb Parsons, friends from our Coast Guard days when we were first married (1971--that was 47 years ago). One couple that we last saw in 1979 when stationed at Air Station Cape May, NJ, was Dan and Debbie Scoggins. Dan got me started playing guitar and was also one of the few Coast Guard couples who were believers. We also saw many friends from Bible college days, Dar and Jim Sikorsky, Evelyn Davis, and Jim and Diane Lytle. In Beaufort, SC we parked in the drive way of our Bible college neighbors, John and Janie Chitester. It was only 29 years since we last saw them. With all of these dear friends, it is very encouraging to see their faith and how the Lord continues to work in the lives of His children.

After Beaufort we then turned west, officially marking the beginning of the return leg of our trip. In a few days, I am very excited to be seeing my best friend and next-door neighbor while growing up and his family in Tipton, Missouri. As I write this letter, we are at Big Bone Lick State Park in Union, Kentucky because it is right between the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter, which we will see in the next two days.

When we return to Port Angeles around December 1st, we will begin a new ministry at Sequim Bible Church. For the past 2½ years we have been on a leave of absence from "active duty" with NICE while our son, Jason, was completing his Coast Guard career at a unit on the other side of the state. We were there, at first, to take care of the family and things around the house. Well, now he is retired from the US Coast Guard which freed us up to return to active service with NICE. But there is just one little problem. We absolutely love being there with the kids and we made their home our home. We still live in our 40 foot 5th wheel trailer, which we park under a huge carport. I also built an office/music room on the property.

During the past 2 ½ years we were serving in two different local churches. In the last church I was preaching regularly for over a year, but now that they have a new pastor it was time for us to return to NICE. It just so happens that Sequim Bible Church (SBC) is in desperate need of help. SBC is just 25 miles from our house so we will not have to leave the kids. The church recently went through a major internal problem with an elder and because the church leadership did what was Biblically right, a large number of people left the church. This created a huge financial shortfall and the senior pastor decided to retire six months early. The church, then, wisely asked the assistant pastor to be the new senior pastor. The new senior pastor, Shane McCrossen, has asked us to come onboard and we are excited to do so. Pastor Shane has asked me to head up a men’s discipleship ministry, teach a theology class and also lead a home bible study. Dayle will be involved in women’s ministry and discipleship. We also talked about starting a Biblical counseling ministry and other things. Obviously, this will be a long-term ministry.

Because of the church’s financial situation, they will not be able to cover our expenses, which will primarily be office and travel expenses. My mission agency, (N.I.C.E.) has approved this ministry and has required that we raise some financial support as well as prayer support. SBC cannot afford to offer financial assistance at this time. But serving in churches that need help and can’t pay for it has been our ministry for these past 8 years.

We do believe that the Lord will provide all our needs and we also know that He uses us to accomplish His will. Therefore, if you feel the leading of the Lord to partner with us in prayer support and/or financial, we would be very grateful. Any support sent through NICE is tax deductible and when sending to NICE be sure note our name on your check.

Northwest Independent Church Extension
P.O. Box 2225, Sumner WA 98390
Phone (253) 826-7881

Our permanent mailing address is:
300 Dan Kelly Rd
Port Angeles, WA 98363

Cell phones: Shelley (541) 218-9717
                     Dayle (541) 450-5576

Prayer Requests:
1. For continued safety and vehicle health as we travel
2. Pastor Shane McCrossen and Sequim Bible Church
3. For our future ministry at Sequim Bible Church


Sincerely in Christ,


Shelley and Dayle Gale

Special Missionaries

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Our Son Retired for the U.S. Coast Guard

We have been in Port Angeles for over two years now.  We first came here at the request of Jason and Shelli.  For the last year Jason was stationed in Ilwaco, Washington which was a 4.5 hour drive away. He came home every other weekend and we were here to help out in his absence.  While here we got involved in several ministries which included teaching a home bible study, teaching in the home school cooperative, teaching and preaching in church, and made some very good friends.

But three weeks ago, Jason left his Coast Guard unit for the last time. After 25 years of service to our country he has retired.  So what does that mean for us?  We are free!  We are free to resume ministry with N.I.C.E.  However, we have several things that we need to accomplish this Summer first.  We just got back from a week in Pinon Hills, CA and attended my nephew's high school graduation.  The weather was sunny and very warm which we greatly miss.  Aside from the graduation the highlight was that my sister convinced my Dayle to ride one of her horses.  Dayle has not been on a horse since a scary horseback ride shortly after we got married in 1971.

   [Click on pictures to enlarge]

On Sunday June 10th Dayle leaves for Mexico City to be with her sister (Ellen Parker) in Mexico City.  She will be there for three long weeks.  During that time they will be going to Cancun where both Ellen and Dayle will be speaking at a women's conference.

While my Dayle is away I will be quite busy working with Jason as we run water, electricity, and Ethernet cable for an RV pad in the back of the property.  This will be for Jason's RV which will be used as a guest house especially for Shelli's parents.  They will be here in July and we are all looking forward to their arrival.  

This Summer we hope to spend some time with Stephen and Neeley in Sacramento. Then in September we hope to begin a cross country trip with our 5th wheel trailer and then hopefully in January we will return to "active" duty with N.I.C.E.  But, of course, everything is tentative.  We don't know how much longer we will be needed to fill the pulpit in our church, and there is another nearby church that keeps asking me to come on board and serve with them in an assistant pastoral capacity.  

Now that Jason has retired he began to work as a handyman/small job contractor.  He is quite a talented craftsman and has already received several jobs.  He is not a fan of doing drywall.  So the deal is that he puts up the drywall and I will do the taping, mudding, and finishing.  We have completed one job together and it was so much fun working with my son.  I think we make a pretty good team.  So this too is something we need to consider when it comes to our future long-term plans.

So as you can see we have much going on and even though we have plans everything is dependent upon family needs and ministry needs. 

As for our health we are both now on Medicare and are in near perfect health.  We still have the normal aches and pains but we refuse to let any of that stop us.

Please pray for Jason and Shelli as they enter married life for the first time while not being in the Coast Guard.  Also pray for clear direction in our future ministry.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Life and Ministry Continues

Since our last post in April, there has been so much happening that it will be difficult to list it all so I will summarize.

I have been preaching regularly at Peninsula Bible Church.  This church lost its pastor and had several struggles since then. We have gotten to know many of the members and we have decided to make PBC our new home church. There is much opportunity to serve at PBC and we a looking forward to continued fellowship and service.

Both Dayle and I are teaching a Bible class at Alethia, the home school co-op on Wednesday mornings. And I am teaching a Friday night home Bible study.  Dayle desciples two ladies every week. So, we are keeping pretty busy.

Right now we are in Sacramento for Christmas with Stephen, Neeley and the grandkids.  We will be returning home the first week of January.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Another Chapter

Since our last posting several things have changed.  Last year we joined Strait View Baptist Church and had hoped to be an asset to the pastor as well as be involved teaching and assistant pastoral ministry.  As time went on it became quite obvious that we were not really needed there.  I contacted our mission director and asked him to put us back on the "active duty" list.  Then almost immediately two opportunities came our way.  A local church here in Port Angeles (Peninsula Bible Church) has asked me to help out with some pulpit fill until they get a new pastor.  And another church in Sequim has asked me to come and head up their men's discipleship and training ministry.  I will be meeting with the pastor soon to discuss this further.  I am scheduled to preach at PBC on April 30th.

So, just before we took a short two week vacation to be with Stephen, Neeley and the kids in Sacramento, we said our farewells to Strait View Baptist as we embark on yet another new ministry.

We both continue to teach Bible classes in Alethia, (the home school coop run by our daughter-in-law, Shelli and her close friend Kerry).  I also teach a home bible study every Friday night at the home of one of our friend's in town.  Dayle continues to disciple two young moms from Strait View Baptist church.

We both also now volunteer at My Choices, Pregnancy Resources Center which is the local crisis pregnancy center.  Dayle is training to be an advocate or counselor for clients.  I am their handyman and I am now the Director of Community Development Public Relations.  I will be going throughout the communities which we serve and educating the public concerning what we do.  We both have committed to one day a week and other days and times as needed.

Jason finally got his transfer orders to Ilwaco, Washington.  Ilwaco is the extreme south west corner of the state and is a 4 1/2 hour drive from Port Angeles.  So Jason will be living in a camp trailer in an RV park and will come home on weekends.  He plans on doing this until he retires in 2018.  We are all very thankful that he didn't get transferred any further.  This will still be a strain on Shelli and the kids but we will be here to help out.

Softball season is starting again and Asher and I are once again on the US Coast Guard team.  I am the assistant coach.  Speaking of Asher.  Yesterday was a very special day.  Asher was baptized.  He stood up in front of everyone and gave his personal testimony on his journey to true faith in Christ.  Please keep him in your prayers and he grows in the Lord.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Merry Christmas!

A while back I said that we are going to "semi-retire." Well as I have always said there is no such thing as retirement in the Bible and that has proven to be true in our lives.  When I said that we were going to semi-retire I meant that we were not going to be actively seeking a place of ministry away from our new home in Port Angeles.  We found a wonderful little church, Strait View Baptist Church, here in Port Angeles and are  involved in ministry.  I am teaching the adult Sunday school class and Dayle is active in the women's Bible study and we have volunteered to clean the church on a weekly basis.  I have had the opportunity to fill the pulpit once already.  The church is a GARBC church and I graduated from the GARBC flagship Bible college.  So I am quite familiar with their doctrine. Pastor Tim Kluver, is a missionary pastor with CBM (Continental Baptist Missions) and he and I are of one mind doctrinally.  Pastor Tim has had some medical issues this past year and we feel it is such a privilege to be able to come along side of he and his family and give them love, support and to be a back-up for him as needed.  We have already developed a close bond with the Kluver family as well as the entire church family.

Both Dayle and I are teaching Bible classes at Aletheia, which is a one day a week home school co-op led by our Daughter-in-law Shelli and another mom.  I am teaching the junior and senior high grades and Dayle is teaching the younger grades.  Dayle will begin discipling two young moms next week. She also disciples a mom from our previous church in Orovada, NV via phone calls.  In addition, she has an interview with our local Crisis Pregnancy Center to hopefully volunteer on a weekly basis. We also hope to begin a young married Bible study next month.

It is such a joy to be able to serve our great God and Savior in these ways!

All of our kids are doing quite well.  We drove down to Sacramento over Thanksgiving and spent almost a week with Stephen and Neeley and the kids.  We also stopped in Grants Pass and spent a couple of evenings with Mel, Annie and the boys.

Please pray for our son, Jason.  As you know he is a Chief Petty Officer in the Coast Guard and he is due for transfer in June 2017.  He is retiring early 2018 and a transfer far away will create a huge burden on the family especially since they plan to stay in Port Angeles.  We are praying that he will be allowed to stay in the Port Angeles area.

Let us know if you might have any prayer requests.........With much love in Christ, Shelley and Dayle

Sunday, August 21, 2016

All Settled In and Getting Very Busy

Our dear family and friends,

We have officially been Washington residents for four months now.  So much has happened.  We had a shed build on the property to house all the rest of our stuff and all of our bicycles.  We also had a huge carport built that covers our trailer.

The first week here I contacted the City recreation director to get on a softball team.  He gave me all the team captain's phone numbers and the first captain that I called was the captain of the Coast Guard team and he was happy to have me.  Both my grandson Asher and myself joined the team.  We had a great time and our team took second place for the whole season.

I began teaching Autumn how to play the guitar and with the help of You Tube she is becoming quite the guitar player.

I also was able to find and train a mountain bicycle riding partner--Aiden, my 13 year old grandson.  He is a natural bike rider.  We are already up to riding the entire Olympic Discovery Adventure Trail.  The ODAT is 25.5 miles of a single track mountain trail which is quite challenging and affords many breath taking views of the Strait of Juan De Fuca and Canada.

Perhaps the most exciting thing was that we found a church that we really love and feel at home in.  Strait View Baptist Church is a fairly new church plant (4 years old) and is going through some growing pains.  We love the pastor and his family as well as all the people there.  As time goes on we hope to be able to teach, disciple, and maybe even pulpit fill once in a while.

We have been asked to teach in the Home School CoOp called "Aletheia."  I will be teaching the Bible class for the junior and senior high students and Dayle will be teaching Bible to the younger students.  This will start the end of September.  I am really excited to be teaching once again.  I truly miss the regular preaching and teaching and this will help with that.

Four weeks ago we drove down to Grants Pass to spend a couple of days with Mel, Annie and the boys and to retrieve the rest of our storage unit.  We took Aiden with us so he could spend some time with his cousins.  We all had a great time and we even took a rafting trip down the Rogue River.  Upon returning to Port Angeles we unloaded the truck and went through the remainder of our stuff.  A few weeks ago we had a yard sale and got rid of the rest of it. So now all we have left in our shed is memorabilia including pictures and a few things that are of a family historical nature.

All in all we are really enjoying living here on the property with Jason, Shelli and the kids.  We have missed so much of their lives and now we are with them every day. What a blessing!

On August 29th we will be driving south to Grants Pass to take Annie and Mel out to dinner to celebrate Annie's 36th birthday and then on Sacramento to spend some time with Stephen,  Neeley and the kids.  Stephen and Neeley will be going away for a few days and then Neeley will be having surgery and will need her mommy to take care of her and the kids for 5 weeks.  I will be driving back towards the end of September, Dayle will stay a couple of weeks longer until Neeley is back to normal.

So now you know what has been going on in our lives as we have settled down a bit. We still look forward to attending the NICE conferences and we remain available for short term pulpit supply.

Please pray that the Lord will continue to use us here in Port Angeles. We don't to ever want to retire from the Lord's work.

Love to all......Shelley and Dayle

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Settling Down and semi-Retiring!

The past five years have been a wonderful blessing to travel the west and serve at so many different places and meet so many wonderful people.  We have absolutely loved living in a 5th wheel trailer and being so mobile going wherever we were needed.  However, after much prayer and heart searching we have decided to semi-retire.  So as of May 1st, we are "semi" retired. 

The Bible does not speak of retirement but we are going to slow down a bit and be more stationary. 
We will still be available to the NICE mission for any pulpit supply or even a short term pastoral interim. And we will serve in our local church.  My desire is to be able to regularly teach, lead music, and pulpit fill when asked.

We have decided to make Port Angeles, Washington our home and live in our 5th wheel trailer on our son's property.  Jason and Shelli are going through some trials and they really would like for us to stay.  So, we are going to stay with them and minister to them.  Our first grandson, Asher, turns 18 today and now we realize that we have missed much of his life as well as all of the grand children.

We have ordered a shed to store what is left of our stuff that we want to keep.  We have also ordered a huge carport to totally cover our trailer to keep the rain off of it.  I have also joined the city softball league and I am on the US Coast Guard team.

We will probably head south for the winter and make some short trips to visit our kids and families in Grants Pass, Oregon and Sacramento, California.

So to all of our faithful financial supporters we ask that you now give to other ministries.  Thank you for all your prayer support and financial support over the past five years.

Please continue to pray for Jason and Shelli and they are going through these trials.  Also pray that we will have opportunities to serve here in Port Angeles.
Our New Place of Residence!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Mom's Funeral, and Now Heading North

We left Orovada permanently on March 15th and arrived at my sister's house in Pinon Hills, CA that evening.  We parked the trailer on her property and then in the morning moved into my brother's house in West Hills, to help care for my mom.  Her condition was still terminal and was getting weaker everyday.  Then on Saturday, March 16th, at 10 a.m. she quietly entered eternity with my brother and my niece, Melissa at her side.  (We had just left his house to attend my other niece's horse show but we didn't make it to the show.)  We were told that her breathing became very labored, then she opened her eyes wide, looked at Melissa, smiled, and closed her eyes. 

After she died we cleaned her up a bit, sat with her until the mortuary picked her up a few hours later.  What a joy it is to know my mom, like the thief on the cross,  is now with the Lord.  I admit that I never thought my mother would ever accept the truth that Jesus is the Messiah.  She was so set against Jesus Christ and anything Christian her whole life.  It just goes to show that no one is beyond the reach of God!

The following Thursday we had the funeral at the Mt. Sinai Jewish Cemetery in Simi Valley.  This was a totally Christian service speaking of the hope of Jesus Christ, and we even sang Amazing Grace.  It felt really strange for me as I conducted the funeral, preached Jesus Christ, and led the singing in this Jewish chapel.  After the service our yamaka wearing funeral director told me that it was a wonderful service.  Then he told me that his wife was was a Christian and that he fully understands where we were coming from. My brother, conducted the graveside portion of the service and did an excellent job.  We had about 50 people at the funeral and most were friends of Bob from his church and from the homeless shelter where Bob and mom prepared meals.

We had hoped to go to Lake Havasu for a few days before we headed north to Grants Pass to attend the celebration of our Son-in-law, Mel, passing his Professional Engineer exams and certification.  However, both Dayle and I got really sick with some flu virus and were incapacitated for two weeks.  We are still coughing and our energy is slowly returning.  Needless to say we didn't make it to Lake Havasu.  We were able to make the drive up to Grants Pass and attend the party.  This past Saturday we had a yard sale at Mel and Annie's house and sold EVERYTHING that was left in our storage unit.  The only things left are all my tools which Jason wants, and family memorabilia. It's amazing how God has given us such a peace about letting go of all our earthly accumulation of material stuff.

 As of this writing we are still in Grants Pass and we plan on leaving tomorrow (April 12th) and head north.  We will stop in Portland, Oregon to spend a night next to Duane and Cora Tucker's house, then off to Port Angeles where we will be until the Lord sends us somewhere else.

We are so very much looking forward to spending time with Jason, Shelli, and the grand kids.  This past year and a half has been very stressful and lots of work in the various ministries in which we have served and we need a break and rest. Our daughter-in-law Shelli has always told us that our grandchildren are a ministry too and she is right.

Safe travels
Ministry opportunities in Port Angeles
That God would open up opportunities to share Christ along the way


Thursday, February 25, 2016

Update on Shelley's Mother

Hi everyone,
I have an update for you regarding my mother.  The doctors said that they consider her a hospice patient and she can have another stroke at any time.  They told us that she will never walk again, will never use her right arm again, and cannot swallow.  Mom suffered a severe stroke and there is major brain damage.  She also has a large blood clot in her heart.  She is still somewhat cognizant of what is going on and is able to communicate (barely) and she wanted to go with a feeding tube.  A nasal feeding tube was inserted this evening and we will see if she regains any strength and abilities.  Once the feeding begins she will be place in a nursing facility.  She will require around the clock care from now on.   So we have to figure out which one with the help of a case manager tomorrow.  We will be staying here a few more days and we have canceled our long time planned family vacation at Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound, Washington. 

We hope to return to Orovada by the middle of next week.  Please continue to pray.