Friday, May 25, 2012

Hard at Work at Fir Point Bible Camp

We have been at Fir Point for two weeks and it has been non-stop work but we love it.  There is so much to do and so little time and so few laborers.  There is much to be repaired: Three trucks, Two gas powered golf carts, hand railings need repair and waterproofing, yard clean up, shop cleaning and organizing, RV repair, and the list goes on and on.  Here are a few pictures of what's been going on.

Today I took a 10' trailer with 3' sides filled to overflowing with junk to the dump.  There still is another 2-4 loads to go.  We have been making a burn pile which is about 10' high now and still growing.  I have been teaching Jeff, the Camp Executive Director, to begin using a new term..."Trash it."  Jeff has been using his new term a lot.

Regarding a church, we have attended to two different churches in the area.  There are only three churches here in town.  We even went to the Presbyterian church.  Next week we plan on driving to the next town which is 8 miles up the road to attend the community church.  We were told that it is a pretty good church.  We really want to fellowship with a church while we are here without having to drive very far.

Dayle in front of one of the RV's that she cleaned.  There was no running water so she had to bring pitchers of water.
This looks pretty clean on the outside but it took me two days to get this ready for use, a total of 9 hours!!  Yikes!  A  little tip for anyone thinking of donating used items to a church camp....CLEAN it first.  Also give what is excellent.  On a lighter note....I was cleaning one of the chairs which took me awhile and low and behold when I tried to set it up the thing was broken,  I cleaned a broken chair, sheesh.  Anyway, that was one of those moments when you just have to throw something soooo I threw it outside.  I felt much better.

Cleaning and organizing one of the shops.
One section organized and cleaned.

Acres of grass...and I cut it all on a very cool riding lawnmower.
The Paving Project

Wherever I go around the camp I am reminded of my friend, Damon Pollard.  Damon made all the camp signs!

Dayle's toe is just about totally healed.  The antibiotic took care of the infection.  Now she is running around as normal.   

1.  Please pray for our daughter-in-law, Shelli.  She had another night time seizure.  The neurologist thinks that it is due to sleep apnea.  She is on anti-seizure medication.  The real difficult thing is that she cannot drive for six months.   This will be real difficult  for them because Jason has to be away so much at the Coast Guard station.  She wants to grow through this trial.
2.  Pray for Stephen and Neeley as they are expecting in December. This will be our 6th grandchild.  Also pray for their new house to close without any complications.
3.  Pray for health, safety, and strength as we are doing a lot of hard manual labor here at the camp.
4.  Pray for a new assignment in September.
5.  Pray for Bethany Bible Church in Lake Havasu.  The need wisdom to deal with a difficult situation. 
6.  Pray that we can be a blessing to a local church and the folks here at Fir Point.