Monday, January 13, 2014

Work, work, work...and play and pain..

One of the best things about being here in Lake Havasu is that we get to serve (work) in the church.  We love being able to work in the church building where were worship our Lord.

Dayle helping in the office
Stan and Shelley painting

Stan and Shelley building an new cover for the outside plumbing.

A mostly finished product.  Stan built the doors..not yet installed..

On Sunday January 5th I began teaching a series in the adult Sunday School titled "Man Up."  This just so happens to be the title of the series that I will be teaching at the Men's Retreat for Independent Bible Church in Port Angeles, WA this coming May.  I guess you can say that I am fine tuning my presentation with the folks here at Bethany Bible Church.

This last Wednesday I took Dayle, Stan, and Stephanie to Wing Mine which is an old abandoned gold mine.   When I first found this mine it was a 6 mile hike through the Arizona desert.  Hiking here in the desert is one of my favorite things to's right up there with riding my mountain bike through the beautiful trails of Port Angeles.  Here are some pictures of the beautiful scenery all around Lake Havasu City, Arizona while hiking to the mine.

Once at the mine we found three tunnels that were carved out of solid rock.  I even brought a hammer and chisel hoping to find a new gold vein.  I didn't find any gold but I did find some quartz.  It was really fun exploring this old mine.
An entrance to one of the a mine shaft.s

A shot out from inside the shaft
Another shaft entrance.  This shaft is about 90' long.

Dayle coming in this long shaft.
So we had a good time hiking to the shaft and exploring around a bit.  We brought a light lunch due to the distance and length of the hike.  While Dayle was enjoying her bowl of cut fruit she said, "How did rocks get in here?"  Somehow, she thought, that some little pebbles got into her fruit....until something cut her tongue.  I looked into her mouth and her lower left molar had broke into pieces.

I was able to get her into the dentist the next day.  Now you have to understand......Dayle is deathly afraid of going to the dentist.  When we were first married she had to have her back teeth pulled and the only way that they could get her to acquiesce was to put her on nitrous oxide (laughing gas).  But today I literally had to escort her into the dentist otherwise she would have run for the hills.  She was doing alright through the x-rays and exam until the doctor said that she needs a crown.  "Do you have to drill?" she asked while trembling and with tears in her eyes.  The doctor told here to not worry that he will be very gentle and she wont feel much of anything except some pressure.  
Dayle looking so calm and happy......but actually this is a look of intense fear!
Then the Doctor Sorkin came in and in a few seconds he administered the dreaded shot..  Dayle was squeezing my hand so tight that it hurt.  But soon, she couldn't feel a thing and the procedure went smoothly.  

  January 27th is her return trip to have the permanent crown put in.  Dr. Sorkin assured her that it won't hurt at all and no dreaded shot will be required.

We still have lots of things yet to do before we depart on or about February 3rd; including doing a brake job on Stan's car; changing the water pump on Jim King's van; hopefully painting the church sanctuary, and some other smaller projects.   

Please pray for:
     Our house to sell
     Neeley as the baby is due on February 14th
     Safe travel as we go to Stephen and Neeley
     The men's retreat in May at Independent Bible Church in Port Angeles, WA
     Our summer ministry at Fir Point Bible Camp
     Future ministry opportunities
     My back pain has just about returned to normal
     Dayle's medical issues have all been addressed and she is doing much better
     For the freedom to serve wherever the Lord leads.
     For our financial needs being met

The US Marine Corps motto  is "Semper Fidelis" = Always Faithful
The US Coast Guard motto is "Semper Paratus" = Always Ready

Our motto is "Semper Serviens" = Always Serving

Shelley and Dayle
Semper Serviens