Sunday, January 24, 2016

We Worked Ourselves Out of Another Job!

We have some very exciting news.  After over five years Orovada Community Church will once again have a full-time live-in pastor. After much searching and reading resumes and discounting most of them we have found the man that we believe has been sent by God to pastor Orovada Community Church.  Pastor Bob Burns and his wife Flora are coming from Amarillo, Texas and will be here before the end of February.  I will be taking him to the Shepherd's Conference.  We will have the official installation service on March 13th and then we will depart Orovada on the 14th.  We plan on heading south to Lake Havasu City for a few weeks to thaw out.  We are looking forward to returning to Bethany Bible Church, where this ministry began for us.  We will also spend a week or so with my sister in Pinon Hills.  She has another "brother do" list for me.  One of those items is to replace the floor in one of the bedrooms.

In the mean time we have much work yet to be done here to make the parsonage ready, and to make a smooth transition.  We are so very excited for this church.  However we will greatly miss these dear  people as well as the area.  But that really is nothing new for us.  Where ever we have served we have developed some wonderful friendships all because we all love and serve the Lord, Jesus Christ!

Please pray for Orovada Community Church as they have called the new pastor "on faith" because finances are very tight.  But there is so much potential here in Orovada and we have seen much fruit in just the few months that we have been here.

Please pray for Bob and Flora as they transition to Nevada from Texas!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone, the ministry continues here in Orovada.  The past two months have been quite busy for us.  Our Awana has increased to 13 children, and we even had a visit from the Awana Missionary.  Church attendance still averages at around 16.  For the month of December I have been preaching a series on the Preparation for Christmas.  We even had a church Christmas party.  We invited all the Awana children and their families and one actually showed up.  All in all it was a pretty good turn out.

The weather has turned very cold but we are doing well. It's been snowing off and on and the trailer is very comfortable and my Dayle is doing just fine. 

We drove to Port Angeles for Christmas and spent 2 1/2 weeks with our son and family.  The trip to Port Angeles while pulling the trailer was quite exciting.  The first day we only went 200 miles due to snow packed roads.  Our average speed was only about 30 mph.  It took us three days to go the 750 miles.  Stephen, Neeley, and the kids flew in and we all had a great time.  Well most of us did. Stephen is also a bike rider so on Christmas eve we decided to go for a bike ride on my favorite mountain trail.  Asher, my 17 year old grandson came along.  The first part of the trail is a 1 1/2 mile moderate down hill run.  One can get going quite fast.  Asher is a novice bike rider and got going at a pretty good pace.  When approaching a turn he couldn't slow enough, he hit the brakes and wiped out doing a pretty good flip and roll.  The only problem was that he broke his collar bone in two places.  We had to walk up hill for almost a mile then he spent four hours in the emergency room.  They gave him a sling and sent him home.  So much for all the fun activities that I had planned with him. He had a great attitude and was even joking about the whole ordeal. God had His own plans for him.

We did have a great time with all the kids.  Annie, Mel and the boys were not able to make the trip and they were greatly missed.  But we will be seeing them at the end of February at our family vacation at the Grey Wolf Lodge.

While we were in Washington we became Washington residents.  We use Jason and Shelli's address as our permanent and legal address.  I obtained a Washington driver's license and transferred the truck and trailer to Washington.  All we have to do now is register the car and get Dayle a driver's license which we will do during our family vacation.  Why change our residency to Washington, you ask?  Since we do not have a permanent place of residence we can establish residency almost anywhere.  And since we are on a fixed and limited income it was wise to establish residency in a state with no income tax.  Oregon takes 10% of our income and now I will not have to be burdened with that tax debt.

Prayer Requests:
1.  Please pray for Jason and Shelli as they have been caring for two foster children ages 2 and 4.  They want to adopt these two adorable children if God opens that opportunity. The courts have to decide after inquiring if any other family members of the children are interested and qualify to adopt them.
2.  Please continue to pray for a full-time pastor for Orovada Community Church
3.  Pray for us as we visit those who attend the church and those who once attended but have stayed home due to no pastor for 5 years.
4.  Pray that we would be faithful in using our time wisely making the most of every opportunity.

1.  We praise the Lord that our son-in-law, Mel, Annie's husband, has passed his Professional Engineer exam.  This now makes him an actual full fledged Professional Civil Engineer.  Now he has to jump through a few Oregon state hoops and it will be done.
2.  Praise for the protection that the Lord gave us while traveling.
3.  Praise for our AWANA program and the faithful workers God has provided.
4.  Praise that Shelley's back is doing great.
5.  Praise for wonderful children and grandchildren