Sunday, December 7, 2014

So Much To Be Thankful For

It’s been six weeks since our last newsletter.  In these last few weeks we have not had much time to rest.  Most of the work now is preparing courses for the Bible institute beginning at the end of January. I now have Fundamentals of the Faith, The Sovereignty of God, and the ten basic theologies ready to go.  I will begin teaching Fundamentals and the Sovereignty of God.  Dayle is also quite busy preparing for a ladies retreat for which she will be the speaker in January.

The highlight of these last few weeks was being invited to spend the morning with the elders of Immanuel Baptist Church.  They had an elder’s retreat in Crescent City which is only a short drive from us in Brookings.  It was such a blessed time for us!

A couple of weeks ago we had a conference call with John MacArthur about an unrelated matter.  But during the conversation John offered the help of the Master’s Seminary to get our Bible institute up and running and even help with course material and possibly instructors.  We are very excited about this and I will be talking with them more at the Shepherd’s Conference.  Please keep this in your prayers.

We had our annual church Thanksgiving Service and meal here at His Place.  We put together the entire service with music, testimonies of thankfulness, I led the music, and Pastor Ken gave a great message.  Overall the service went quite well.
We did find an economical car.  We went to Grants Pass to go to our storage unit and we stopped at Jim Siegel Car Dealership to check out the Nissan Versa Note.  The Note is the smallest car Nissan makes and the advertised price was within our price range.    After a few minutes we realized that the Note was not the car for us.  But we did look at a 2013 Honda Insight Hybrid and we loved it so we bought it.  Driving it home we got 48 miles per gallon.  The next day, just 27 ½ hours after driving off the dealer’s lot we went to Walmart down in Crescent City.  On the way back a big elk decided to mate with our new car....crash!  Dayle was driving and we were not hurt–neither was the elk.  The funny thing was that I didn’t even tell the insurance company that we bought the car and our check hadn’t even cleared yet.  But our insurance company took care of everything and twelve days later we got our car back looking as good as new.  Then Thursday morning while going to the early morning men’s Bible study I had my arms full of stuff and tripped on a piece of wood and fell into the right front fender of our new car.  It now has a dent on the right front fender.  I am not going to turn this one into the insurance company.

We did take a few days and went to spend some time with Stephen, Neeley and the kids.  I was able to ride the bike trails and ride home with Stephen from his work in downtown Sacramento.  I really enjoyed spending time with Jack and Pearl.

While we were in Sacramento with the kids I saw an ad for a 5th wheel trailer which looked really good so we went to take a look at it.  This trailer had everything we wanted.  It seemed practically perfect and the price was perfect too.  I checked online and the price that we got this trailer was the best price anywhere in the country.  We gave it a couple of days thought and prayer. The trailer was near perfect, the price was right, and they would deliver it to us in Oregon. So, we now have a new trailer.  This trailer is 6'9" longer than our previous trailer.  We now have counter space, a huge refrigerator, plenty of storage, and room to actually have someone over for a meal.  We had our first visitors today.  What a joy.

We leave on the 8th for our trip south to Arizona, then to my mom and sister in Southern California, and then to Stephen and Neeley for Christmas.  This will be a working “vacation” as I still have lessons to prepare.

We want to thank you all for your prayers for continued monthly support.  Our support has increased almost to the level required. We are now at 90%.

We wish you all a very merry Christmas as we celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.  May you all be blessed this Christmas season!

Our address in Brookings is:
18881 Cornett Rd
Brookings, Oregon  97415

Shelley for the both of us.

1.  For the new car and trailer
2.  That we were not injured when we hit the elk.
3.  For the additional monthly support.

1. For safety as we travel to Arizona and back.
2. For the upcoming start of the Bible classes
3. For guidance as we continue to serve at His Place.

Starting the Thanksgiving Service

Enjoying precious time with Jack and Pearl

Jack and Papa having fun at the park.
Our new home
Our new car

My Dayle is so happy