Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Where in the World is Orovada, Nevada?

When we first learned of Orovada we looked it up on the map and discovered that it was in northern Nevada.  We were told it was a remote farming town and there is not much there with a population of about 300 people.  The official census says that there is only 150 people.  Well, this is certainly a remote place.

We actually arrived in Orovada on August 18th.  We dropped off the trailer in front of the parsonage and in the morning we drove to Sacramento, CA to spend two weeks with Stephen, Neeley and the grand kids.  We had a wonderful time and the weather was perfect.  I rode my bike for over 160 miles during the two weeks.  As a special bonus our son, Jason, and family took a week vacation and dropped in on us for a couple of days.  But we had to say our good bye's and return to Orovada on September 4th just in time to celebrate our 44th wedding anniversary on September 5th.  We celebrated by driving to Winnemucca and went out for a late lunch and then we went shopping.

So now we are in Orovada serving as interim pastor of Orovada Community Church.  Last Sunday was our first service and we had about 15 people and half of them were from out of town.  It was a wonderful time of singing and spending time in the Word of God. I am now busy preparing sermons and bible study lessons as well as outdoor yard maintenance.  The membership does seem to be quite mature in the Word and they are very excited that they have a pastor again.  It's only been five years.

So we will be quite busy doing the work that we love.  I will still find time to go for bike rides.  As a matter of fact the off road opportunities are very exciting as we are situated at the base of Sawtooth Mountain.

There definitely is some adjusting that we will have to do:
    The nearest store is 40 miles away in Winnemucca.
    More expenses due to having to pay sales tax and more fuel expenses
    Now that we are not in Brookings anymore our auto and liability insurance rates increased by nearly 25%. But we just see it as just the cost of ministry and we know that the Lord will provide as He has promised and always had.

Please pray for us as we minister here in Orovada as we try to work ourselves out of a job.  We don't know how long it will take but we are here for the duration.

Please keep in touch.  We are never too busy to receive phone calls, texts, or emails!

    Shelley for the both of us!

Shelley (541) 218-9717
Dayle   (541) 450-5576

Here are some pictures that we took of the church grounds:  You can also click on this link to view more pictures on my Flickr page:  Click here for more pictures
The front of the church building

The front yard and parking lot of the property

My Dayle hard at work pulling weeds

View of Sawtooth Mountain from the back of the church

View southeast from the back of the church.  Pictured is the only gas station in town.

North side of church looking toward the gas station
Sawtooth Mountain from the parking lot

Our trailer nestled under the trees in front of the parsonage.

View out from the back of our trailer window.  Remember, we are in the center of town.
Bike ride destination on 9/8/15

The road to the foothills

Down hill all the way back to the truck.  Now that was fun!