Friday, November 9, 2012

Doctor Found

While searching for just the right doctor and one that accepted our insurance we discovered that we already had a doctor.  When we were in Lake Havasu in 2011 Dayle saw a doctor for an unrelated issue.  It turns out that this doctor is just what we have been looking for and he is a contracted provider with our insurance.  Yay!  This means that she won't have to go through all that new patient paperwork and other stuff.  This alone will shorten the time that it will take to get to her started on required treatment by about a month.

She made an appointment with the Lake Havasu City for January 14th.  So Arizona here we come. 

Thank you for praying!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Osteoporosis ???

Greetings to all our friends and family.  Our time here in Port RainMuch (Port Angeles) is almost over.  We will leave the land of rain on Wednesday November 14th.  We will greatly miss our kids and grand kids but we won't miss the rain.  We did have many good days that were ideal for outdoor activities.  I have rode a couple of hundred miles of mountain trails during our time here. We have had a blast playing with the grand kids and had some great time of fellowship with our son and daughter-in-law. But it is good that we are leaving because it is getting colder and Dayle really needs some warmth.

Once we arrived here in Port Angeles in September we tried to find a doctor that could treat Dayle's osteoporosis which she has been battling for several years. When Dayle was in Mexico in September our doctor friend there who had examined her again said that she needs to be in an aggressive treatment program for her osteoporosis.  Today, we finally got in to see a doctor here in Port Angeles. The doctor said that she needs a full blood work up and exam in order to determine the best treatment and that we need to stay put for two to three months to get all this done.  So we will head to Sacramento and try to find a doctor there who can address her needs. The other possibility, and my preference is to return to Lake Havasu City, Arizona and find a doctor there.  At least there in Lake Havasu we can be actively involved in the church.   We have been asked to return there in January anyway because they could really use some help.  It is much warmer in Arizona and Dayle will be much more comfortable in the higher temperatures and low humidity.

Because of having to head south I called Bob Rodgers, our mission director, and asked for a leave of absence until we can get Dayle's osteoporosis under control.  Even though we will be on a "leave of absence" from the Pacific Northwest we don't plan on taking a leave of absence from serving our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ.