Thursday, November 5, 2015

Pastor Search has Begun

Since my last update we have begun to actively search for a new pastor.  I have contacted several people and schools.  We are looking for someone who either has some retirement income or someone who is willing to be bi-vocational.  So here is the big hurdle.  Most people want to be fully supported.  We are even looking for someone right out of Bible school.  In anyone knows of someone who might be interested in the pastorate here, please give me their phone number or have them call me. Please be in prayer for God to send us the right man to lead this precious flock.

We started an AWANA program a couple of weeks ago with seven kids and now we are up to ten kids.  The kids seem to love it.  We discovered a couple of boxes of old Awana materials and we were able to obtain additional material on Ebay and Amazon.
Our first AWANA kids
It is my prayer that the Lord will send us a pastor sooner rather than later.  The weather has turned cold.  The mountains all around us are covered with snow. The outside temperatures are in the 30's or lower.  The wind seems to blow constantly creating an even lower wind chill factor. At this present moment there are snow flurries.  We have have pulled out all or our winter clothing.  We put extra insulation on the trailer windows  n times past we loved the cold weather and snow.  But these days Dayle has much difficulty with the cold.  As you may know, she has osteoarthritis in her fingers and the colder it gets the more her hands hurt.  Fortunately, our new 5th wheel trailer is very well insulated and Dayle is very warm and cozy inside.  So Dayle will be remaining indoors most of the time until Spring or until we can get to a warmer climate such as Lake Havasu where right now it is 70 degrees and sunny.   Me? I'm looking forward to the snow.  I love to go hiking and tracking and traipsing through the mountains in the snow.  So, I will enjoy the great outdoors regardless.
The mountains directly west of us

The mountains southwest of us.

Currently, I am preaching through First Peter and I will finish up chapter one this week.  Our average attendance has increased to about 16 and we are continuing to make contacts in the community.  Our pianist has been gone for the last three weeks so I have been doing all the music on my guitar.  Dayle is teaching a junior church for the younger children.  We have also been busy taking care of the grounds as well as the building. Along with Awana, sermon preparation, music planning, and making weekly bulletins. It's all a lot of work, but we love it!

 On November 19th we will be driving 7 hours to Grants Pass where Dayle will receive her third infusion treatment for her osteoporosis.  We will also spend two nights with Mel and Annie and celebrate and early Thanksgiving.  If weather permits we will also drive to Sacramento to spend Thanksgiving with Stephen and Neeley.

Prayer requests:
1.  For a pastor for Orovada Community Church
2.  For Dayle's physical comfort is this cold weather
3.  For safety as we travel to Grants pass
4.  For these Boniva infusions to cure my Dayle of her Osteoporosis

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