Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Working at Fir Point Bible Camp

If you are wondering what happened to the blog entry before this one, well so am I.  Somehow I deleted it and I can't figure out how to get it back.

We arrived at Fir Point on May 31st and after a short meeting to plan the work we we right to work on the chapel.  In the chapel we needed to setup and install the brand new sound system and remove the old sound system and see what was good enough to sell.  I was asked to remodel the storage room and turn it into a nice little meeting room as well as making a portion of it for the secure storage of the sound equipment.  I made a wall, ran electricity for lights and two additional outlets, installed drywall and carpeting and hung a door. After a full week the room was was totally finished.  See pictures below.
The beginning
Finished Product

Just as I finished I had to jump in the car and return to His Place in Brookings to prepare for a wedding which I booked.  I planned on preparing the grounds but much to my delight as I arrived the yard work was being completed by Isaac (the youth pastor).  Thank you, thank you!  The wedding went quite well and the Mothers of the bride and groom complimented me on the facility and said that this is a beautiful place to have a wedding.
After the wedding I drove the 2 1/2 hours back to Fir Point where I was to fill in for Dennis while he was away at a wedding in Portland.  There is much to be done here at Fir Point including re-keying several locks, repairing and painting cabins, and much much more.  The camp season began on Friday with a weekend group.  From now until the end of July it will be non-stop ministry and work (as if there is a difference).

On June 3rd I dropped my Dayle off at the Medford airport to go to my sister for two weeks to give her a break and to help her with mom and the house.  She returns on Wednesday June 17th and I am so excited.  We hate being apart.  I am very glad that telephone calls don't cost extra these days because we were on the phone a lot.

The preceding was written two weeks ago thinking that I completed and posted it. But I just discovered that I didn't.  So let me bring you up to date.  We have been working much here at Fir Point.  Below are pictures of the finished product that Dayle and I did.  We totally rebuilt the child's play area.

My Dayle testing the newly installed slide.

We have also replaced the stairs to the kitchen of the lodge, painted the girl's bathroom in the chapel, made curtains for the upper room in the chapel, replaced rotted floor int he registration cabin, and much more that I can't remember.
Replacing rotted floor in Registration Cabin
Perhaps the best part of working so hard here is that we are working together on every project. Just knowing that it is for the betterment of the camp and making it a beautiful place for campers to hear the Word of God is such a blessing.  I am reminded what James 1:25 says, "the blessing is the doing." Well, we are truly blessed  We have also been able to interact with some of the leadership of some of the rental groups  This is always a treat as we get to hear exchange testimonies and even pray with them.  Several people have been intrigued when they learn that we live in a 5th wheel trailer and travel to ministries that could use some help.

We have been praying for a church in which we can serve and just the other day we received a call from a church in Orovada, Nevada.  We are so very excited to get back to serving in a church with God's people.  Our plan is to arrive no later than September 1st.  This church has been without a pastor for five years and are down to just a few people.  So we have our work cut out for us. It sounds similar to the two previous churches that we served in.  So we are ready to go.  However, we are committed here at Fir Point through July and then we have to return to His Place to finished a few things there. Then off to Orovada, with a brief stay with Stephen, Neeley, Jack, and Pearl in Sacramento.

We have a busy two months ahead of us before we go to Nevada.  Please pray for continued health and safety.  We have had a couple of close calls with potential injuries but we were spared each time.  One was while dismantling the old playground one of the large posts was rotted off at the bottom.  Once I disconnected the supports it fell barely missing my head.  That could have ruined my whole day or worse.

Also pray for the church in Orovada and for our future ministry there. 

Dayle is doing fine and has had no reaction to the Boniva infusion.  Her next infusion is scheduled for August 17th. Please continue to pray that these infusions will correct her osteoporosis.

Two years ago when I had my knee surgery the doctor said that I may have develop some problems as part of  my knee is bone on bone. This, he said, would require a partial knee replacement.  Well, the pain has recently begun.  I am hoping that it is because I have not been on the bicycle very much and I have allowed it to get weak.  The good thing is that it is not a constant pain and it is minor right now.  So I will try to strengthen the knee as I do not want to have a partial knee replacement. 

Thank you all for your prayers and for your continued support.  May the Lord bless you as you continue to serve Him.

Shelley and Dayle
Semper Famulus
(Always Serving)