Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Work Continues

We had our first conference the end of September.  It was a men's conference and we only had 15 attendees but everything went well and we learned a few things.  Overall it was a big success.  The main speaker really touched some of them men.

We have been quite busy here at His Place and we needed to take a break.  On September 29th we pulled our trailer up to Port Angeles to visit Jason, Shelley and the grand kids.  We haven't seen them since July but it felt like a lot longer.  We really miss our kids!  Part of the reason for our trip was to attend the NICE regional conference in Bremerton, WA.  As usual the regional conference was a time of encouragement and reconnecting with friends who are also in ministry. I also was asked to play bass guitar for the music time at that is always fun.  We were with the kids for 2 1/2 weeks and during that time Shelli, Asher and Autumn flew to Colorado to visit Shelli's dad and we got to stay home with Aiden.  Jason had to stay at the Coast Guard station almost the entire time so we had Aiden all to ourselves and we really had a great time with him.

We returned to Oregon on October 16th and we spent two nights at Fir Point Bible Camp where Dayle attended the Southern Oregon IFCA Ladies Retreat.

We returned to His Place on the 18th and set up the trailer at the top of the parking lot on the asphalt.  Which was just in time as the rains started that night and it has been raining ever since.  I think the rainy season is here. Golly, we sure miss Lake Havasu City!

Yesterday we had our first His Place board meeting.  I presented the board with a list of suggested priorities along with some needs and wants if we are going to make this an actual conference and educational center.   To make a long story short most everything is on hold because no money is available yet.  There is money to pay the monthly utility bills and minor repairs but that is about all.  In a way this is good because it frees me up to continue working on courses for our Bible institute that we plan to start early next year.  On Monday we we had a conference call with John MacArthur and he offered the assistance of The Masters Seminary for our teaching program.  We do plan on taking him up on the offer.

So we continue to serve and get involved with the life of the church.  We so much enjoy being part of a church.  I do miss being able to regularly preach and teach but Pastor Ken knows that I willing to fill in for him anytime and at a moment's notice.

We are still in need of additional support.  We have gained one more supporter and are currently at 50% of what the mission requires for us.  Below is the address for support.  Please put our name in the memo on your check.

Northwest Independent Church Extension
PO Box 2225
Sumner, WA  98390

Praise and Prayer

1.  For a relaxing time in Washington
2.  For another wonderful NICE conference
3.  I still have had no back issues since March

1.  For wisdom and direction for us at His Place
2.  For an economical car

 Shelley for the both of us!
Semper Famulus