Monday, September 17, 2012

Back at Fir Point Bible Camp

The last wo weeks have been quite busy.  We stopped in Sacramento and stayed with Stephen and Neeley.  They really put us to work cleaning, painting, and yard work.  We also drove up to Klamath Falls pulling a big U-Haul trailer.  Since Stephen now has a huge garage we emptied out our storage unit of almost every power tool that I have so Stephen can have a shop.  He is so excited to finally have a fully outfitted shop.  We also took several pieces of furniture, dressers, my canoe, and other stuff to put on CraigsList in the Sacamento area.  I sold one item the first day and the Canoe sold a couple of days later.  They sold for what I was asking for them too. 

Well now we can see the floor of our storage unit.  We plan to return in the Spring and ave a huge yard sale to sell most everything else.  Of course we will keep the important stuff and we will move it all to a more convenient location such as Grants Pass.  We will also try to sell the house once again then too.

On Sunday (9/16) I dropped my Dayle off at the Sacramento airport.  She will be staying with Ellen in Mexico City for 12 days and will fly in to Seattle on the 28th.  After I dropped her off at the airport I headed back to Fir Point where I have lots of work to finish up.  On Saturday (9/23) I will drive up to Aberdeen, WA and will be preaching on Sunday morning and evening.  After that I will continue up to Jason and Shelli's home in Port Angeles.

We are still awaiting another church assignment but no most churches have a pastor and really don't need anyone to fill in.  I am now going to be contacting churches myself and offer our services regardless of what it may be.  The church in Lake Havasu has lots of work to be done so we may return there for a while but we couldn't go until December.  So we will see where the Lord leads.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Today is a wonderful day!

Today is so wonderful because it's our 41st anniversary. That's 41 magnificent yeas with the love, the joy of my life!!!

The other reason for this day being so good is that we just talked to Ellen and she is cancer free. No further treatment is required. It sure sounds like a miracle to me.