Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Always Serving

 We have been so busy here at Fir Point Bible Camp that we hardly have any time or energy to do much of anything else.  We have been making a daily log of all of our activities here at camp and it is already three pages long.  We have been fixing broken equipment, building things, repairing damaged walls, performing preventative maintenance, spray painting cabins, cutting wood, using the bull dozer to skid logs out of the forest to be cut up for firewood, and much, much more!  And there is still much to be done.  I am still amazed how God has prepared us for this work here at camp and has given us the skills and the ability to do all this.  Perhaps the most amazing thing of all is that I have almost no back pain other than common muscle aches from hard work.  But a heating pad and a couple of ibuprofen takes care of that.

Three Sundays we have driven the 120 miles to Brookings, Oregon and I have preached there the last two. This coming Sunday I will be preaching here in Glendale.  I will also be preaching July 13th in Crescent City, CA and I will be the speaker here at camp for the 3rd and 4th grade camp at the end of July. 
Preaching in Brookings
Dogwood cabin freshly painted.  (That spot is a spot on the camera lens.
Painting Madrone cabin

Cedar and Alder all finished

Painted the outdoor glider chair

We fabricated and installed galvanized tops for six fire hose boxes

As of our last letter we accepted an offer for our house.  Yesterday we learned that the buyer backed out because he was unable to secure a loan.  So we are back to square one and our realtor, Lori Graves, is going into high gear to find another buyer.  At least TJ Morgan will be able to keep his summer job of maintaining our yard.

Last week Dayle's sister (Ellen Parker) had a biopsy of her uterus with the possibility of cancer .  We are very thankful to God that the pathology report returned as benign (non-cancerous).  Yay!  However, she will be having a full hysterectomy in August to prevent any further problems.  Please keep her in prayer.

We are looking forward to a busy and enjoyable summer here at camp.  It truly is such a blessing and a privilege to be able to serve our Lord in this way (James 1:25).  Not only are we so blessed to be able to serve, we are having a great time doing it.  Dayle and I try to do every task together and we are having a blast working side by side. 

Check out our Facebook page for more pictures.  www.facebook.com/pastorshelley

Praise and prayer requests:

Praise for:
    Ellen’s biopsy coming back as non-cancerous
    Praise for God’s continued provision for us   

Pray for:                       
    Ellen’s upcoming surgery
    The right buyer for our house
    Shelley’s upcoming speaking opportunities
    Continued health and safety for us both

Shelley for us both
Semper Famulus