Monday, April 29, 2013

The Lord Never Ceases to Amaze Me!

Just yesterday I published our blog post requesting prayer that my Worker's Comp will accept the new claim for my knee.  I did receive word that a couple of you were praying.  Well, this morning I got a call from my Worker's Comp and they have approved my claim.  I now have an MRI scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday).  I could have the surgery very soon!

Time after time it has been proven to me that when we commit something to prayer and remain faithful to His Word, that He works all things out.

Thank you for your prayers.


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Together Again!

Last Saturday my Dayle returned to me after spending four long weeks with Stephen, Neeley and Jack in Sacramento.  Since she came home we have not been out of each others sight for more than a few minutes.  Once again we vowed to never be apart again except in the case of an emergency.  She did have a good time with the kids though.

So here back in warm and sunny Lake Havasu City, Arizona we are continuing our quest for treatment for Dayle's osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.  She met with the doctor again last week and they are getting closer to a treatment plan.  We thought that it was settled until it was learned that Dayle is having trouble taking large amounts of calcium in tablet form.  This is a requirement for the injection treatment plan.  But Doctor Deb is working on it and we will hear from her soon.  Regarding her osteoarthritis there is really nothing that can be done to reverse the damage to her fingers but there is some things that can be done to prevent it from getting any worse.  She met two times with a physical therapist who has set her up for finger splints and some other treatments to give her comfort.  Of course one of the best treatments is the warm and dry climate.  Therefore, we are kicking around the idea of making Lake Havasu a more permanent arrangement.  But we can't do anything until our Klamath Falls house sells.  We are still praying that our tenant will purchase our house in Klamath Falls.  Please keep this in prayer also.

I was finally able to get to see the orthopedist for my knee.  My right knee has been hurting for the past year and for the past few months has been swollen and full movement has been limited.  The doctor suspects that I have a torn meniscus.  That is what I suspected too since it feels just like it did the last time.  This is a Workman's Comp injury from my LAPD days.  So now we are awaiting approval from them to get an MRI and possible surgery.  There is a real possibility that my claim will be denied.  If it is denied I plan on going ahead and have the MRI and surgery done using my Tricare insurance.  I would really like to get my knee repaired before we return to the Pacific Northwest as we have a lot a work ahead of us.  Not to mention all the bicycle trails to ride.

Our mission director asked me if we would be willing to go to Loomis, Washington as they may be seeking an interim pastor. Of course we are willing to go.  We are willing to go wherever we are needed.  Please pray for the Loomis Community Church as they seeks the Lord's direction.  Our preference is to be serving in a local church and we do greatly miss it.  

We have less than a month left here in Lake Havasu City before we return to Fir Point Bible Camp in Oregon.  We are really only committed there for the month of July.  The next commitment is speaking in a men's retreat in May of 2014.  We do hope to find a church or two in which to serve.  Please keep this as a matter of prayer.

Bethany Bible Church is doing well, 7 new people are now calling it home.  God is working in the hearts of people who are seeking the truth of the Word.  We just finished the intermediate course in evangelism called "The Way of the Master" with Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron.  It has been a good challenge for us to share our faith and have a passion for the lost.  They supply some very unusual tracts which we have been giving out all over Lake Havasu.    

Our friend Stan Broder is recovering remarkably well from his bypass surgery, thank you for your prayers.  We thank the Lord for his grace and mercy.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Very Close Call

Easter Sunday began as most Easter Sundays.  We got up early for the Son Rise service.  Then enjoyed a delicious pancake breakfast followed by our regular Easter service.  Later that afternoon Stan, Stephanie and I went for a walk along the canal when Stan began to experience shortness of breath and some mild chest pain.  After a quick trip to the emergency room we learned that Stan was in cardiac distress.  He was admitted and tests were done which revealed that he had an arterial blockage.  Three days later (Wednesday) Stan had a double bypass surgery.  This is Saturday and Stan is recovering in the ICU and is doing well.  The amazing thing is that Stan, who is 70, has never been sick or had any real medical problems other than an occasional bout with the flu.  He is strong and an avid hiker.  That is why the doctor called his condition “a widow maker.”  We are very thankful that we were able to catch this early.  Please pray for Stan as he continues to recover.  Also pray for strength for his sweet wife, Stephanie, as she has been by Stan’s side the whole time and will continue to do so as she will be his nurse for the next couple of months.

On Sunday after Stan was in the emergency room for a while, I returned to the Broder house to feed the dogs.  As I opened the garage door, I heard water running . . . not a good sound.  I opened the door and stepped into “an indoor” swimming pool.  A pipe had broken and literally flooded the entire house with at least ½ inch of water.  I made a couple of phone calls and within minutes several people were here to help with the clean up.  It took two wet/dry vacuums, squeegees, push brooms and a bunch of towels to get up all the water.  The whole job only took about two hours. We were very thankful that their house is wall to wall ceramic tiles with just a couple of throw rugs and there were two low drains in the two bathrooms.

Look at that floor shine!  But it is not from floor polish.

Yesterday I had the blessing of attending the Arizona IFCA Regional Conference where Gary Gilley was the speaker.  Gary Gilley is one of my favorite authors.  He wrote the book “Is That You, Lord?”  A book I highly recommend to everyone.  The theme was “Reaffirming the Sufficiency of Scripture.”   The regional was in Phoenix which was a four-hour drive.  That’s eight hours of driving for seven hours of conference but it was well worth every mile!

My Dayle is still with Stephen, Neeley, and Jack.  She will be home in 13 days.  Meanwhile, I have been keeping myself quite busy with preparing for my summer camp lessons.  I also took two days to re-carpet the trailer.

Please pray for Stan and Stephanie.  Also pray that I can get an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon for my right knee.  I have been having a lot of pain and I think that the meniscus that was damaged in an LAPD on-the-job injury needs to be repaired again.  I would like to get it fixed before we leave Arizona because I have a full summer of work ahead us.