Sunday, June 23, 2013

Back at Fir Point Bible Camp

Psalm 100:2 reads, "Serve the LORD with gladness! Come into his presence with singing!"  Oh it is good to serve the Lord!  Dayle and I were talking the other day about how wonderful it is to be actively serving the Lord in whatever capacity He has for us.    We love this freedom to go where ever and when ever we are called.  For the past three years we have been seeking churches in which to serve.  Except for Bethany Bible Church, in Lake Havasu City, Arizona and pulpit supply here and there nothing has come up.  So we again returned to Fir Point Bible Camp where we are busy working from early morning to dusk.  It may seem like it is just manual labor, which it is, but there is a lot of things that we have been doing for which we have been uniquely equipped.

We arrived on Monday evening and began working Tuesday morning.  There have been some leadership and personnel changes here which has created some additional work for all of us.  There was a lot of grounds keeping which has kept Dayle quite busy.  I have been involved in repairing the camp WiFi  system and installing one of the antennas.  The camp owns a small bulldozer but with the personnel changes no one knew how to operate it.  So, "how hard could it be?" I asked myself.  I jumped on it and a few minutes later I was operating it like a pro and piling up debris in the burn pile and even leveling off a section for an additional cabin.

Dennis May (camp caretaker) and I also had to move a 9' X 14' office, which was already on a flat bed trailer, to its new location which I had prepared with the bulldozer.  I hooked up the tractor to the trailer and ever so slowly inched it to it's new spot.  We had to drop a WiFi cable, cut some branches, and do a lot of maneuvering to get this building between the trees.  At one point I had to get the building exactly in the center of two trees in order to squeeze it through.  It was touching the tree trunks on both sides but we made it.  Then we had to get it off of the trailer.  This was another difficult operation but, we did it without any damage or injuries.  Now mind you that I have never worked on a WiFi antenna system.  I have never even climbed on a bulldozer; and I have never moved a building on a flat bed trailer.  Yet, the Lord seemed to equip me for each task.  It seems that we are uniquely equipped to work at Fir Point.

I also was called upon to replace the temporary shower curtain frame in the pool showers.  Since the main bathrooms are under new construction the campers are required to us the pool bathrooms and showers.  They previously made some dividers out of PVC pipe and that lasted for only one week of campers.  So, I got the idea to make it out of electrical conduit which we have lots of just laying around in the storage area.  After a few hours work we now have solid and unbreakable shower curtain rods which will very nicely divide the showers. 

We also decided to get a new mobile home.  What do you think?  Nice huh?

OK just kidding,  Here I am driving the tractor and moving the office building which will be used for summer staff quarters.

Dayle was able to help Dennis' wife Janice make over 700 cookies for the upcoming "In Faith" kid's camps in July.  There is a lot more to make but it is a start.

There is still lots of Spring cleaning that needs to be done and other repair work so we will be quite busy.  But it is all good as we know that we are serving the Lord in the place that He has us.

My knee is almost completely back to normal.  Now Dayle is going to need surgery on her knee.  Before we left Lake Havasu she had an MRI and the doctor said that she needs to see an orthopedic surgeon.  Now we are trying to figure out when and where.  We are very thankful that Dayle's fingers are continuing to improve, and we are pretty sure that her osteoporosis is getting better.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!