Saturday, October 6, 2012

From Fir Point to Port Angeles

So much has happened since my last post.  Due to a lousy internet connection in the rain forest outside of Port Angeles, which is where we are, I have not been able to update the blog.  Departed Fir Point Bible Camp on September 23rd and arrived later that evening in Aberdeen, Washington at the Wishkah Community Church where I was to preach in both the morning and evening services.  Then on Monday I drove to our son's home in Port Angeles.  On Friday I drove out son and daughter-in-law to the SEA-TAC airport as they were going to a wedding in New York.  A couple of hours later my Dayle flew into to the airport and we were reunited once again.  She spend twelve days in Mexico with her sister who is recovering from surgery. 

While in Mexico, Dayle went to our doctor friend and had another bone scan.  Her condition has not worsened but it hasn't gotten any better either.  This greatly concerned the doctor and he wants her to see a doctor here and get on a special medication that is given by I.V.  We have made application at a new doctor in Port Angeles and we are waiting to hear back from them about an appointment date.  Also while in Mexico Dayle was asked to speak to several women's groups.  She spoke four times. 

September 1st was my 60th birthday.  This was a day that we have been looking forward to for a very long time.  My 60th birthday marks the day that my US Coast Guard Retirement begins.  We now have free medical insurance and a small financial benefit every month.  It sure felt good to turn in my pink military ID card for a blue retiree ID card.

We still have not been assigned a church in which to minister.  This week is our IFCA Regional Conference in Lynwood, WA.  I will meet with the director and discuss our future with NICE.  Our plan was to be a help to churches and that is not happening.  We did serve at the Lake Havasu Church, and Fir Point Bible Camp, and did speak at a few churches.  But we were hoping for longer stays at the churches.  So I will talk with the director this week.

The folks in Lake Havasu would like us to return.  So we are tentatively planning on going in January after the birth of our newest grandson, if NICE does not have a church for us by then.  But the Lord is in control.

We are also going to try to sell our house next year.  If our tenants don't want to buy it then we will move back into it around April and try to sell it by owner.  Once we sell it, we will move the remainder of our storage stuff to Grant's Pass.  We will also sell or trade our 5th wheel trailer to get one that has just a little more room.

A lot going on and much to do.  We will be here with our kids till the middle of November.  They need us to help out with driving since our daughter-in-law still cant drive until November 15th.  She is now taking anti-seizure medication and seems to be doing quite well.  While here we plan to visit several different churches and introduce ourselves.

So, please keep us in your prayers.