Friday, May 31, 2013

Surgery Concluded!

Praise the Lord! Surgery is done and all is well.  I arrived at the hospital at 11:30 and was finally rolled into the operating room around 3:30.  I woke up in the recovery room about an hour later with my knee wrapped up.  The doctor said that there was a lot a damage in the knee but he was able to clean it all out and that were no complications.  Then he said that if the pain comes back that we can do a "partial knee replacement" and I will be as good as new.  A partial knee replacement???? Now that does not sound like fun!

Ready to get my knee fixed.
I am already walking around and I have a cane for support. Physical therapy begins on Tuesday (6/4) and my follow up appointment with the doctor is the 10th.  So hopefully we will be heading north to Fir Point Bible Camp on the 11th.  We are so anxious to get back to the camp and get to work there.

However, we have been quite busy here at Bethany Bible Church.  Last week, along with Stan and
Children's Sunday School room
Stephanie Broder, we spent every day cleaning and organizing the children's Sunday School room, the nursery, the storage room and the two lower bathrooms.  I am still helping out with the Sunday music and we rehearse every Wednesday evening after prayer meeting as well as Sunday morning before service.

We are also praising the Lord for His continued blessing upon the church.  Last Sunday we had a get together at one of the new couples house. We had lots of fun and a great time of good old time gospel music and singing.  Within it the last three months we have four new couples.

The Nursery

The Storage Room.  Affectionately called "the dungeon"
Removing water stains

Cleaning deep stains in the bathrooms

Don't worry, I'm only fixing the broken toilet!
   Please continue to pray for us as we are continually striving to serve the Lord in whatever capacity He so provides.  What a blessing it is to be able to serve Him!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers and support!. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Surgery is Scheduled!

 Dear family and friends,

I received great news today.  Worker’s Comp approved the arthroscopic surgery.  I really expected them to deny  the claim because there are two meniscal tears which they might have considered to be a new injury.  But I simply put it in the Lord’s hands and whatever would be decided would be alright with me.  So now we are rejoicing and the surgery is scheduled for the 30th of May.  I told the surgery coordinator that if there is a cancellation before that to put me in.  Otherwise we won’t be able to leave here until the middle of June. 

Well back at the church we continue to work and serve.  We have all been concentrating on the music.  We now actually have rehearsals.  We have added some instrumentation and the music selection is better planned and arranged.  Here we are last Sunday night and look who is on bass. 

Left to right is Lynda McBride vocals, Pastor Dennis on guitar, me on bass, Barb Stephan on the banjo, and Eric Stephan on the mandolin.  

We at Bethany are praising the Lord for two new couples:  Ray and Judy; Randy and Donna.  Both of these couples have brought a new excitement and energy to the church.

My Dayle has already seen some improvement in her fingers.  They do appear to be getting straighter and the pain is subsiding.  We are sure that the warm weather is helping too.  Today it was only 100 degrees.  Two days ago it reached 108.  Oh we sure love the warmer weather.

We have so much to be thankful for:
1.  My Dayle’s fingers doing much better.
2.  My surgery being approved.
3.  New people have come to the church and are staying!

Prayer Requests:
1.  Bethany Bible Church
2.  Dayle’s physical conditions.
3.  A successful knee surgery and speedy recovery.
4.  For our house in Klamath Falls to sell.
5.  For our future ministry at Fir Point Bible Camp and elsewhere.
6.  Financial Support - Our monthly financial support has dwindled to almost nothing.  We now have only one supporter.  Our biggest expense is fuel.  With diesel at almost $4 a gallon it costs us $125 for every fill up.  When we are stationary at a ministry it is no big deal. But when traveling it really adds up fast.  We do not want to be a burden on the struggling churches or ministries that we serve at so we don't accept any payment from them other than perhaps some utilities.  If you feel the Lord leading you to help with our support please send your donations to:

         Northwest Independent Church Extension
         P.O. Box 2225, Sumner WA 98390-0490
         Phone (253) 826-7881

Any support sent through NICE is tax deductible and when sending to NICE be sure note our name on your check. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Surgery is Required!

Dear family and friends,

Today I went to the doctor for a follow-up to my MRI.  I have not one but two meniscal tears.  There is one on the right side of the knee and one on the left side and arthroscopic surgery is required to repair the damage.  Well I guess that explains why I have been having so much pain all over the knee.  The doctor’s surgery calendar is backed up until mid June.  But since we were planning on leaving Lake Havasu City by the end of the month he will fit me in.  I asked him if we could do in when we return in November and he said that would be very dangerous and that the surgery should be done as soon as possible. 

So now once again we have to wait for my Worker’s Comp to approve the surgery and the physical rehabilitation.  We hope to have their approval no later than Monday or Tuesday.  I am still hoping to be in surgery next week or the week after.  We will stay in Lake Havasu for as long as necessary.

My Dayle continues to feel so much better here in Lake Havasu City.  We ordered and received five stainless steel splints for her fingers which she wears as often as she can.  Aren’t they pretty and fashionable? Someone has even asked her about her new "finger rings."  These splints are adjustable and are designed to prevent her fingers from deforming any further.  We adjusted them to straighten her fingers and we are hoping they work for that too.  We also got her a paraffin wax bath for her hands.  This wax bath is very soothing and she uses this every other day.

Regarding her osteoporosis it has been decided to NOT do the injection therapy (Prolia) because of the dangerous side effects.  Dr. Deb sent Dayle to a herbalist and they have come up with a natural treatment plan.  Dr. Deb is approving of this plan and is confident that it is going to work.  The herbalist expects to have her osteoporosis conquered in six months.  Yay!

The Lord continues to bless at Bethany Bible Church.  Our summer time attendance has stabilized with twice as many people as last summer.  Last Sunday we had 25 people in attendance.  I know 25 doesn’t sound like much but it is a 100% increase over last year.  Pastor Dennis McBride is an excellent bible preacher and the people are really being fed.  Recently we have been concentrating on improving the music program.  This past Sunday one lady was praising the Lord for the wonderful music during the morning worship service.  We had the organ, piano, two guitars, mandolin, banjo, and me on the bass guitar.  Our song selection was well thought out and we even got together to rehearse.

Prayer Requests:
1.  Bethany Bible Church 
2.  Dayle’s osteoporosis treatment to work and for her fingers to not hurt so much. 
3.  My knee surgery to be approved by Worker’s Comp and for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.
4.  Our financial needs as medical bills are beginning to increase.  (Our insurance covers 80%)
5.  For our house in Klamath Falls to sell.
6.  For our future ministry at Fir Point Bible Camp and elsewhere.