Monday, May 19, 2014

Port Angeles to Port Townsend to Fir Point Bible Camp

So much has happened since my last post.  On May 2-4 I spoke at the Olympic Peninsula Men's Fellowship Retreat at Fort Worden in Port Townsend, WA.  There were about 120 men in attendance.  I spoke on what makes a Biblical man.  After every session there was one to four men who wanted to talk.  They all said that they have really messed up and see that they need to start doing things right according to God's Word.  Two of the men were actually going through a divorce and now vowed to try and win their wife back. I gave Stuart Scott's book, "The Exemplary Husband" to these two men.  (I think this book should be a must read for all men.)  I continue to pray for these two men as well as for all the men in attendance.  Each man received a "Man Up" card. I asked each one to sign it and vow to be a real man of God.  At the end of the last session they gave me a standing ovation.  I immediately thought that John MacArthur walked into the room.  This retreat was very exciting for me because I really felt the Spirit of God in my speaking.  Biblical examples and verses were coming to mind that I had not written in my notes.  A couple of times I totally went off my intended outline as I was able to feel the pulse of the group.  What a privilege and joy to be used of God!
Man one can take away someone's manhood except the man himself!

Here are a few pictures taken by my grandson Asher who was able to attend with me:

I even got to play my bass with the music team.

After the retreat I returned to Jason and Shelli’s house in Port Angeles and began to prepare the trailer for travel to Fir Point Bible Camp.  On Tuesday I said my good-byes and headed south.  Ten hours later I arrived and then my Dayle arrived.  It was only two weeks that we were apart but I think as we get older it is more difficult for each of us.  Every time we have to be apart we always say, “Never again.”

On Wednesday I got right to work at camp while Dayle still had to be with Annie for a few more days.  But at least she was home every night.  So now we have been at camp for a week and a half and we have worked on many projects including fixing a gas powered golf cart, cutting grass and weed trimming, installing bathroom vents in the new building, cleaned the chapel, and more.  This next week the care takers, Dennis and Janice, will be gone, and we will have lots to do in their absence.

Here is Dayle the Weed Hacker trimming around the amphitheater.

Last Sunday (May 11th) we drove 2 1/2 hours to First Baptist Community Church in Brookings, Oregon and met everyone and toured the new facility that they want us to help turn into a conference/retreat center.  The people were very excited that we were going to be coming and we are even more excited about the future ministry.  We will leave Fir Point after the Summer camping season about mid August.  We hope to return to Jason and Shelli in Port Angeles before beginning our ministry in Brookings.  We will certainly miss our church and dear friends in Lake Havasu City, Arizona this year but we are excited that we will be in a long term ministry once again.

We have some good news on our house in Klamath Falls.  We just accepted an offer.  This was the same buyer who made an offer last month on which we could not come to an agreement.  This time we both compromised a bit and came to an agreement. It is not as much as we had hoped for but it is close and we will be done with the burden of maintenance, the bills, and the headache. The buyer is pre-approved and the only thing now is the home inspection.  Unless the home inspector finds something that I have missed all should go well.  We hope to close by the end of June.  So in 3 weeks (Lord willing) we will return to the house to have a garage sale to try to get rid of most of everything else and what we decide to keep will be placed in a storage unit in Grants Pass.

My back continues to feel great.  I am now declaring myself "healed."  I am sore from all the work but the pain that I have been living with for the last 15 years is non existent!

Prayer requests:
1.  That the sale goes through with our house
2.  Our new ministry in Brookings
3.  Our ministry here at Fir Point

1.  For offer on the house
2.  For the opportunity to minister to so many needy men
3.  For God's direction in our lives
4.  For our daughter Annie's leg healing and her mobility 
5.  For the "healing" of my back.

Shelley for the both of us.
Semper Famulus (Always Serving)