Monday, May 30, 2011

Acting Interim Pastor

Yesterday, Sunday morning, Pastor Jerry made the announcement that he is resigning to be effective in a business meeting when he returns from his vacation the first week of July.  He said that he will recommend to the membership that they appoint me as the interim pastor.  So in the meantime I am the "acting" interim pastor. 

I have already begun to make some minor changes.  The first is the way the morning service will be conducted.  I have spoken with the music director and gave him some instruction on music selection and song leading.  I am planning on a crash course on biblical leadership/basic theology.  This was a two year course which I am going to try to do in three months with the two deacons and a couple of other men in the church.

I have quite a busy couple of weeks ahead.  Lots of planning and lesson preparation and sermon preparation.  Not much time to play in beautiful Lake Havasu.  We are travelling to see my mom and sister on Thursday and will return on Saturday.  It's only a 3 1/2 hour drive.  But I will be bringing my work with me.

Until next time....please keep this little struggling church in prayer.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Interim Pastor

Hi everyone!

The past couple of weeks have been quite interesting.  The church, Bethany Bible Church, has been in a state of flux.  There was a business meeting last Sunday evening.  On the surface we thought the meeting went quite well.  But as a newcomer we didn't quite understand the whole picture.  As a result of the meeting three couples told us that they we going to leave the church.  This would probably have caused the demise of the church.  I have spoken with these couples and asked them not to leave as it would be detrimental to the church.  I tried to encourage them to hang on and continue to pray. 

We have been praying for unity, clarity of thought, and for those in leadership to make the right decisions.  This past Monday the pastor asked me some direct questions about his ministry and then asked if I would step in as interim pastor if he was to resign/retire.  Pastor Jerry has yet to make his final decision on the matter. 

Jerry is a good man and has faithfully ministered at BBC for 20 years.  He is loved by the people and it will be very difficult for him to finally step down.  Please continue to pray for him and his wife as they enter this time of transition.  Also pray for the pastoral search committee as they switch into high gear.

On a more positive note, I have been teaching Wednesday evenings on the subject of biblical leadership.  It is a small group of prayer warriors who want learn and grow.  I am also continuing to teach on Sunday evenings from the book of James....I know, I am asking for trials again, I guess I am a glutton for punishment!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

What a great week!

Dayle received a mother's day package from Jason and Shelli (the first ever, we think) and one of the gifts was a beautiful high quality yard decoration for our trailer----a pink flamingo.  We thought it was so beautiful we immediately put it out by our patio (see picture).  The we found out that those cheap plastic things are not allowed because it makes things look like "trailer trash." So much to our disappointment we removed it.

We went on another hike with our friends, Stan and Stephanie Broder, the "bat cave" on Wednesday.  We began our hike at 7 a.m. in order to beat the heat.  It was already about 75 degrees when we started.

Dayle and I did a lot of manual labor at the church facility.  Pastor Jerry Adams says that we are organizing their world.  We cleaned out the paint closet and one of the outdoor sheds.  We filled up the church dumpster twice.  Then we moved the "stuff" that was being stored in the sanctuary and stored it in the shed.  It was a lot of work in high temperatures but we are just thrilled to be able to help.

On Friday was the annual Bethany Christian School Parent-Staff/Student Alumni softball game and I was able to participate.  Initially I was going to be the coach of the parent-staff team, but I got to play.  I played short stop.  It was a blast...just like the old days.

But the highlight of the week was Sunday evening.  I had the honor of preaching and began an abbreviated study of he Book of James.  It sure felt good to be back in the pulpit, well a music stand.

Dayle has been getting to know the ladies and was able to counsel with a mom at the baseball game.  She has been reading Spurgeon's biography and shares with me exerts from each chapter, very convicting.

Tomorrow, Monday May 9th, we are leaving early and I am dropping off Dayle at our daughter's house in Sacramento and I will continue on to Klamath Falls.  I am going to get a bunch of stuff from our storage that we didn't think we would need and put back a bunch of stuff that we don't need.  I also have an appointment at the VA clinic for my annual physical, and a bunch of errands to do while I am in town.  I should be able to get it all done in one day.  So, Lord willing, we will be back in Lake Havasu by Thursday at the latest.