Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Another Chapter

Since our last posting several things have changed.  Last year we joined Strait View Baptist Church and had hoped to be an asset to the pastor as well as be involved teaching and assistant pastoral ministry.  As time went on it became quite obvious that we were not really needed there.  I contacted our mission director and asked him to put us back on the "active duty" list.  Then almost immediately two opportunities came our way.  A local church here in Port Angeles (Peninsula Bible Church) has asked me to help out with some pulpit fill until they get a new pastor.  And another church in Sequim has asked me to come and head up their men's discipleship and training ministry.  I will be meeting with the pastor soon to discuss this further.  I am scheduled to preach at PBC on April 30th.

So, just before we took a short two week vacation to be with Stephen, Neeley and the kids in Sacramento, we said our farewells to Strait View Baptist as we embark on yet another new ministry.

We both continue to teach Bible classes in Alethia, (the home school coop run by our daughter-in-law, Shelli and her close friend Kerry).  I also teach a home bible study every Friday night at the home of one of our friend's in town.  Dayle continues to disciple two young moms from Strait View Baptist church.

We both also now volunteer at My Choices, Pregnancy Resources Center which is the local crisis pregnancy center.  Dayle is training to be an advocate or counselor for clients.  I am their handyman and I am now the Director of Community Development Public Relations.  I will be going throughout the communities which we serve and educating the public concerning what we do.  We both have committed to one day a week and other days and times as needed.

Jason finally got his transfer orders to Ilwaco, Washington.  Ilwaco is the extreme south west corner of the state and is a 4 1/2 hour drive from Port Angeles.  So Jason will be living in a camp trailer in an RV park and will come home on weekends.  He plans on doing this until he retires in 2018.  We are all very thankful that he didn't get transferred any further.  This will still be a strain on Shelli and the kids but we will be here to help out.

Softball season is starting again and Asher and I are once again on the US Coast Guard team.  I am the assistant coach.  Speaking of Asher.  Yesterday was a very special day.  Asher was baptized.  He stood up in front of everyone and gave his personal testimony on his journey to true faith in Christ.  Please keep him in your prayers and he grows in the Lord.

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  1. Thanks for the update. It's been a long time since we've heard from you.

    I've been sick since almost the time that we returned from India two months ago. All tests have returned negative while we're now awaiting the results from the final test for parasites which, in my not so humble opinion, should have been the first test. Anyway, I spent five days in the hospital last week on an unrelated issue and continue to just plug along. It's tough getting old.

    New tile has been installed in the upstairs foyer area at the church and into both restrooms. We removed all the old carpet from Dennis' office and the worship center yesterday (Monday) and new carpet installation will begin tomorrow morning. Everything has been repainted and new base boards are being installed. Thank you Kermit! Let's talk when you have a chance. Bye for now. Stan